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Welcome to Spring!

I don’t know about you, but we’ve enjoyed some beautiful weather with friends and family this weekend, and it reminded me that it’s only one season away from Summer!

With Summer comes beach trips, pool parties and we’re generally more active and outside a lot, so we want to be feeling, and looking in top shape!

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So when it comes to eating best, and looking and feeling your best, as a consulting Nutritionist, I want to share with you some perhaps unusual tips and concepts you won’t hear all the time in the health section of the newspaper or on TV!  Lets start with 3 things to Avoid!

1.  Avoid “One size fits all”  approaches to diet and nutrition!

And definitely, avoid “blanket statement” approaches to your eating strategies like: “Ketogenic diets are best for weight loss” or “Low fat diets are best for weight loss”.

These approaches to nutrition and weight loss and health are sometimes well intentioned in that they are trying to simplify a message for the general population, but in actual fact usually represent the latest fad, because they do not take YOU into account!

They usually don’t include a proper nutrition assessment, or consideration of what YOUR body’s requirements are given your goals, lifestyle, exercise routines, stress levels, genetics, and current nutrition status.

Different people with different body types, genetics, and metabolisms, react differently to different types of dietary regimes.

The reason one diet works amazingly well for some but not others is this one simple fact… we are all different. Some thrive on ketogenic diets, some become ill, some thrive on low fat, others don’t.

Learn to observe and listen to your body, get some key tests done to identify your PERSONAL nutrition needs and then get practiced in the art of mindful eating.

Please don’t just blindly follow the latest idea in a fitness magazine!

TAKE AWAY:  “There is no one -size fits all nutrition!”     (continued below…)

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2.  Avoid any kind of “crash diet” approach to losing weight.  

This includes extreme calorie restrictive diets that force your body into starvation mode.  Whilst there is no doubt thesetypes of diet may work in the short term, in that typically numbers on the scales move, the evidence is overwhelming that the long term outcomes are not as favorable.  

There is a very high percentage of rebound weight gain in the medium to longer term, and often that weight gain results in a body weight in excess of what it was pre-diet! Additionally often there are other symptoms that result, like muscle wasting, lowering in metabolism, digestive issues, fatigue, lethargy, low mood, and binge eating behaviour.

TAKE AWAY:  Crash diets are generally damaging and put a lot of stress on your body, release hormonal and neurological triggers that can “down-regulate” normal vital functions, and generally place unnecessary stress and potential damage to key body systems.

3. Avoid the oversimplified belief that weight loss is just as simple as ” eating less, and increasing exercise”…  

In  nearly two decades in the health and nutrition space , I have rarely seen that this, as an isolated concept, is much help to my clients in creating and maintaining their ideal weight, fitness and wellness level!

The reason?  There is MUCH, MUCH more to being healthy, fit and maintaining weight than that!

On the one hand, the right nutrition is key, on the other hand, moving your body is important, yes, but the key piece that is often missed is motive… or what drives behavior.

This, and the fact that not all calories are created equal means “eat less and move more” is never going to be the whole truth of weight loss, fitness or health!

The fact is, there are SO many psychological triggers, environmental influences, learned coping mechanisms, habits, needs and desires and genetic factors that influence each of us that it is impossible for a simple physics equation to solve this puzzle.   

TAKE AWAY:  The psychology and mindset aspects of your journey toward achieving and maintaining optimal health are as or more important than nutrition and exercise on their own.

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In our next post will be part 2 of this article, which focusses on 3 things we recommend you do!


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