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What’s great about Quinoa?

Why Quinoa is a good choice for a vegetarian or vegan… Quinoa has an amazing nutritional profile, in fact one could argue it’s almost perfect in terms of what you get, and for how well tolerated it is. Let’s start with what it is: It’s a seed really, though some people refer to it as a grain and I guess you could call it a pseudo-grain.  You cook it as you would rice, but will a little more water, and you need to rinse it thoroughly before cooking or it can be bitter.  It’s fairly neutral in taste, tastes a bit like a combination of cous cous, rice and barley.   The red quinoa is pretty, and a little more crunchy.  White is probably most popular. Protein – it has more protein of most grains (e.g. one cup of quinoa will give you about 8g of protein whereas a cup of brown rice will give you about 5 g of protein and the equivalent in brown bread would give you about 3g of protein.) Amino Acids – it also contains the full spectrum of essential amino acids which means it can be considered a complete protein unlike most other vegetable protein sources. Fibre – quinoa is high in fibre. One of the bad wraps higher protein diets get, is that they don’t contain enough fibre, add some quinoa to the diet and you get an impressive amount of fibre included.  Quinoa contains about three times the fibre of brown rice.  Fibre is gut protective, heart protective and helps increase satiety… so it’s a good thing. Iron – grains are...

Change the way you do New Year’s Resolutions to achieve them this year!

So it’s that time of year where people are dreaming of a different life. “This year things will be different.”  “I’ll get fitter”, “I’ll lose weight”, “I’ll pay off my credit card”. Every year millions of people make and break promises to themselves… right about now, great intentions that they fail to implement.  Ever wonder why this behaviour is so predictable? Did you know you have a “habit centre” in your brain?  It’s called the basal ganglia. It’s this centre that helps you keep doing what you have always done… and it’s this centre that can help you do things differently. Your brain is great at learning new habits as well as operating on autopilot.  You can use this ability to your advantage or ignore it to your detriment. So, the way to make this year different and to actually do what you intend to do involves strategically creating a few new habits. In other words, change the way you set your goal, intention or New Year’s resolution. If you change your daily habits, it is much easier to make health and weight loss an easy and automatic part of everyday life. So instead of setting a general goal like: “Get Fit” or “Lose weight”, set yourself three small new habits that you know will facilitate that outcome. Once you have those it is easy to set an implementation strategy to create just three new small but powerful habits. For example, here are 7 habits of the effortlessly slim or successfully fit, you could choose to adopt just three (that are known to make a difference) as your habits:...

It’s time to change your genes!

It’s an exciting time in the field of genetics with the growing body of research in epigenetics and nutrigenomics and Scientists learning more and more about just how set our genetic heritage really is. The science shows the genes are more like gears, that have to be activated or engaged before they will perform.  It’s no longer accepted that you are just the victim or hero predetermined by your genetic pool. Food (your diet) and your lifestyle choices literally act like the dial on a fan, turning it up or down, up-regulating or down regulating your gene expression. What does this mean: Well, it means that (for the most part) no matter what genetic blueprint you are born with, you can change how your genes (and which genes express) by changing what you eat and how you live. It’s exciting because it means you have choices. Ok so for some things, sure your genes are set, like eye colour and skin colour etc… but beyond that, there is a lot of scope to influence how your genes express.  Even when there are strong genetic risk factors, they are rarely 100 percent guaranteed, which means there is hope for people with many  genetic risk factors.  For example people that are genetically more prone to obesity can learn which foods trigger them to gain weight. They can learn their vulnerabilities and strengths in appetite regulation and tasting ability and use this information to manage triggers in their lives. For example someone with poor satiety signalling or appetite control should avoid buffets.  They would be better suited to dine a la carte...


Welcome to Spring! I don’t know about you, but we’ve enjoyed some beautiful weather with friends and family this weekend, and it reminded me that it’s only one season away from Summer! With Summer comes beach trips, pool parties and we’re generally more active and outside a lot, so we want to be feeling, and looking in top shape! So when it comes to eating best, and looking and feeling your best, as a consulting Nutritionist, I want to share with you some perhaps unusual tips and concepts you won’t hear all the time in the health section of the newspaper or on TV!  Lets start with 3 things to Avoid! 1.  Avoid “One size fits all”  approaches to diet and nutrition! And definitely, avoid “blanket statement” approaches to your eating strategies like: “Ketogenic diets are best for weight loss” or “Low fat diets are best for weight loss”. These approaches to nutrition and weight loss and health are sometimes well intentioned in that they are trying to simplify a message for the general population, but in actual fact usually represent the latest fad, because they do not take YOU into account! They usually don’t include a proper nutrition assessment, or consideration of what YOUR body’s requirements are given your goals, lifestyle, exercise routines, stress levels, genetics, and current nutrition status. Different people with different body types, genetics, and metabolisms, react differently to different types of dietary regimes. The reason one diet works amazingly well for some but not others is this one simple fact… we are all different. Some thrive on ketogenic diets, some become ill, some thrive...
Inspiration Video:  77 yo Female Body Builder!

Inspiration Video: 77 yo Female Body Builder!

This lady is truly amazing!  Well worth watching to fire you up for the week! Order your Fit Food this week, for delivery next week! Convenient Home-Delivered meals – perfectly portioned, absolutely NO preservatives, food-colourings or additives. All freshly sourced ingredients and constructed by gourmet chefs. Meals just $6.99 for your first week – use code ‘INTRO30’ for $30 off! Click...

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